Total SEO Tips Part 4: Content is Key

Quality Content is King to High Google Rankings

Total SEO Tips Part 4: Content is Key

Quality Content Key to SEO Rankings

When you really think about it, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is all about content marketing. As digital marketers, our goal is to create quality content that ranks high in Search Engine Result pages (SERPs). If we do our job right, these high ranking pages will ultimately converts into sales. We do this by writing and publishing what the industry deems “quality content” on blogs, websites and landing pages. But, it is important to understand that although Google needs content in order to rank your website, we do not write for Google. Instead, we write for our readers and sharers. It is only by their hands that our content can succeed; we’re simply using Google as a platform.

What exactly is quality content?

There are several factors that contribute to deeming content as quality. It is important to think about each one of these factors when creating a blog or page on your website.

  1. Evergreen: By definition evergreen means to never expire. In the digital world, a better definition is content that is always of interest to your readers. It is important to focus your content around topics that your readers can relate to all year long. Even if you are a seasonal industry, find a writing focus that is searchable and relatable throughout the year.
  2. Keyword Rich: But not stuffed! Keyword stuffing is one of the more irrelevant SEO techniques you can think of! Not only will Google never showcase your content in the top of the results pages, keyword stuffed content is impossible to read and users will immediately leave. Instead, your content should be keyword focused, as well as clearly and concisely written.
  3. Engaging: While this may seem self-explanatory it is not enough to get people to simply read your content, the goal is to get them to share your content. Engaging, thought-provoking and interesting content will get much more attention across social media and other platforms. The same boring information regurgitated in a different way for the 100th time will be passed over. The goal of quality content is to get your readers to share (via social media). More specifically backlink to the article or page in order to achieve and maintain high rankings in Google.

How to write quality content:

Now that we know what defines quality content, let’s dive into how to write it.Total Web SEO Guide to Writing Quality Website Content

  1. Find your Content’s USP: In order to deem your content as quality, it must be original and unique. It is important to research your topic thoroughly and find a new angle your competitors haven’t yet thought of.
    • For example: Your website is looking to increase the sale of your shower curtains. Rather than writing a blog about why you’re shower curtains are so great, let’s instead focus on the curtain’s material. Specifically how that material is able to fight mold and mildew for up to three years.
  2. Provide a Solution: When someone is Googling, they are looking for a solution to their problem, albeit big or small. Searchers problems range from needing a “Black Wedding Jumpsuit” to a “DIY Drain Clogging Solution” and everything in between. Your blog, landing page, or website should provide users with a solution to their problem in order to show authority over your competitors. If your content is able to provide a quick and easy answer, they will come back time and time again, because they deem your content as authoritative.
  3. Length: While it is widely believed that readers want to get right to the point and content should be kept to a minimum, this is simply not true. If your content is rich, engaging and takes a new and unique perspective your readers will want to know what you have to say. Secondly, articles with limited content make it harder for Google to understand what you’re writing about. Less content = less keywords, and it will be extremely difficult to rank high in the SERPs. If you’re worried about keeping your readers engaged, try breaking your content into small paragraphs with bold titles to keep a flow. As digital marketers, we suggest a minimum of 400 words per article or page.

Quality Content Generates Higher ConversionsTotal Web SEO Professional Content Marketing Tips

In conclusion, quality content lends itself to higher rankings in the SERPs and in turn, lends itself to higher conversions. It also builds a trust between your brand and your users when you can successfully provide them with a solution to their problems, no matter how big or small this problem may seem. While content is one of the biggest steps in getting your blog or website to rank high in Google, there are several other factors that contribute as well including: link building and social media presence, among many others.


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