Welcome to Total Tips SEO!

Welcome to Total SEO Tips!

Welcome to Total Tips SEO!

Philadelphia & Bucks County’s Premiere SEO Agency

Our team of web designers and digital marketers will stop at nothing (well, except for black-hat techniques) to find your brand’s digital identity.  It’s out there!  Let’s go find it! In the meantime, check out our beginners guide to SEO Tips below!

Alright, now with that cheesy and obligatory introduction out of the way, let’s get down to business! Total Web SEO is the digital marketing division of Total Web Company.  After providing Bucks County, Philadelphia, and surrounding areas with optimized and innovative websites, it was time to start surfing for an industry we knew would have a significant impact on ourselves and most importantly, our customers.   Search Engine Optimization, better known as SEO, is a particular set of skills…


SEO Skills


to get websites to the top of search engines.  There are many different hats to wear, tasks to accomplish, goals to set, cups of coffee to drink, reports to create, keywords to track, calls to make, drafts to revise, okay you get the point.

For the purposes of simplicity, SEO’s main objective is to get websites to the front page of Google but keep in mind that there is far more to it than that.  The reason that SEO has become a normality in marketing within the last decade is because it is a long-term, bottom-up approach that stresses organic growth as opposed to paid growth.  Paid SEO (also known as Pay-Per-Click Advertising) is another animal entirely and will not be the subject of this blog.  Although it is a service we at Total Web Company offer. #shamelessplug


Organic SEO is the tracks upon which the train rides

Without the tracks (SEO), the train (your website) will go nowhere, it will be found by few people, it won’t help you convert leads to sales, and it won’t improve your brand’s digital presence.  We ask ourselves many questions before we begin an SEO campaign.  A few of which are:

  1. Does this client need SEO?
  2. Who is their target audience?
  3. What kind of content will they need to provide?
  4. What is their competition doing?

It’s with these questions, and dozens more, that we are able to formulate a game plan and provide our organic services.  The reason we stress organic growth is because it’s long-term.  Once the groundwork (the tracks) are set in place, it’s hard for them to be removed because your website (the train) depend on them so much.  15 years ago few businesses had websites.  In 2016, nearly half of businesses still didn’t even have a website.  In a digital age where potential customers are surfing the web before making a commitment to a service or product, it still baffles us that so many companies undervalue the importance of a website.  To take that concept one step further, having a website alone isn’t enough.


A sleek and responsive website shouldn’t be your only digital presence

Instead, a sleek and mobile-responsive website should be the CORE of your digital presence, not the whole thing.  While having a strong social media presence doesn’t directly affect SEO, it does affect it indirectly.  If search engines notice a significant amount of traffic going to your website from your social profiles, then it will reward your website with a boost in rankings.  If they notice that you have 50 positive Facebook reviews and your competitors only have 5, then it’s very plausible that you could outrank them.

I will go into more detail about the basics of SEO, as well as some insider SEO Tips right from the mouth of our professional SEO Company in Philadelphia, and how it should relate your business strategy throughout the rest of this blog series.  Be sure to check back for more!

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