Bronze Plus SEO Package

Bronze Plus SEO Package

Total Web SEO

Bronze Plus SEO Plan

Our Bronze Plus SEO Plan is focused on enhancing features of our Bronze Plan. With increased time dedicated to landing pages, and enhancing your online presence we strongly recommend this plan for businesses who have started to maintain their online presence on the web. We structure your website following all of Search Engine Guidelines such as keyword optimization, on-site SEO, schema markup, and more. For the first few months of our Bronze Plus Plan, we dedicate ourselves to aggressively tweak your website through A/B testing to funnel guest sessions into call-to-actions on lead generating pages. We use simple concepts like Newsletter Signup Forms, Quote/Estimate Forms, and Contact Forms in combination with sales funnel techniques to turn Visitors into Customers.

FeaturesBronzeBronze PlusSilverGold
Promotion & Maintenance 4 hrs 5 hrs 7 hrs 10 hrs
Keyword Research 25+ 25+ 25+ 25+
Social Media accounts Content GenerationXX 2 Social Media Accounts 5 Social Media Accounts
Backlinks Network Expansion – Submissions To Paid DirectoriesXX 70+ Directories 70+ Directories
Promoting Online ReviewsXX
Reputation ManagementXXX 1 hr
Custom Built Landing Pages To Market Your ServicesXXX
Website Content Submissions To Top Search Engines
Optimize Content, Keywords, Tags, Etc.
Tracking & Analytics
Automatic Monthly SEO Audit Reports
Spy On Competitors With Advanced Keyword Analysis
Monthly Backlink Scans
Track Social Metrics With Social Engagement & Buzz Tracking
Find Out Who’s Mentioned You On Social Media
Advanced Facebook Insights
Customized Reports Available On Request
Search Engine Page Rank Checker
Google Keyword Search Results Tracking
Compare Competitor Popularity, Traffic and Ranking
Sitemap & Robots.txt Submission Updated Automatically


  • Traffic Reports once per month on request, or scheduled reports sent to your email account weekly $10 additional per month. Keep detailed tabs on all web-related statistics including:
    • Google Analytics Traffic Data – Get a detailed look at your bounce rate, sessions per day, audience’s age, geo-location reporting, and much more. See which pages are flourishing and for us which pages need extra work to attract visitors.
    • Competitor Analysis Tracking (Up to 5 competitors). Get detailed stats on your competitors and see how you stack up against the industry leaders. Track competitor keywords, backlink profile, and estimated traffic data.
    • Social Media Metrics – See how our social media posts are performing on all of the web’s leading social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, etc. Make the right choices about Unique Content to post, and create a strong brand awareness outside of our website. (Check out our Silver Plan for our Content Generation Plans for us to actively post on your Social Media accounts on your behalf)
    • On-Site SEO Audit Report – Track how our software grades your websites SEO score out of 100% and ensure your company has all of the necessary requirements to stand out on search engine result pages like Most SEO companies won’t share this with their customers, but we focus on trust and communication. Your success is our success, and we like to succeed!
    • Position Tracking – This report allows you to get monthly updates on your position in Google’s top 100 organic and paid search results for your industry.
    • Brand Monitoring – Easily track all mentions of your company on the web, in addition to your competitors’ brand, product, or service on the web and social media. Think of it like a web-crawler spy that works for you.
    • PPC Keyword Statistics – When running your own Google Adwords campaign, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest Cost Per Click prices per keyword. See which keywords perform optimally for their traffic and effectively maximize your Google Adwords without spending any additional money.


  • Website Submission to 30 local and national search engines including: Google, Bing, Yahoo!, DuckDuckGo, AOL,, Excite, Wolfram Alpha, Lycos, ChaCha, and more. We resubmit your site to all applicable search engines each month to force their web crawlers to update your website’s results in their database.


  • Backlink Audit – Google introduced in 2016 a “toxic links” concept, which negatively penalizes websites that are linked to another website that is blacklisted. We handle all potential negative backlinks in the future and Disavow them using the specialized tools created for Web Designers & SEO Agencies. Keep detailed track of your backlinks as part of our reporting software, and see the impact it makes from month-to-month by replacing Toxic Links with Backlinks that yield a positive benefit. Examples include Angie’s List, Houzz, Yelp!, etc.


  • Included Website Changes At Any Time – Looking to change a phone number, address, web page, or service? Our Bronze Plan now includes basic website changes on request by the customer. We can even add an additional page or landing page to your website once per month FREE.