Email Newsletter Marketing

Targeted Newsletter Campaigns

Have a Direct Impact on Your Audience

Today, roughly 95% of online consumers use email and 91% check their email at least once a day. Email marketing is such a powerful tool because it offers a direct reach to your audience. Social media marketing usually deals with potential impressions, which is the chance of your audience being exposed to your content. Whereas with email marketing, your message is being sent directly to your audience’s inbox.

Having a more direct line of communication with your audience can assist in maintaining long term customer relationships. People will feel much more connected to a brand when they are being kept up to date with current events and specials. With the ability to make targeted mailing lists, you can utilize this concept to its full potential! 

Total Web SEO Effective Newsletter Email Marketing ServicesKeep Track with Live Analytics

One of the most powerful aspects of email newsletter marketing is the ability to track specific analytic data from your email campaigns. Find out which email addresses are opening your newsletters, and how many of them engaged with your content. You can see when people opened your newsletters, what they clicked on, and when they came back to view it. Monitoring these activity trends will allow your to more market to your audience more effectively.

Cost Effective Marketing

Email marketing is inexpensive, easy, and incredibly effective. You can reach a large number of people without spending money on physical materials. Designing, printing, packaging, and mailing out a direct mail campaign could cost you thousands of dollars to produce and send. With careful attention to the development of an email newsletter campaign, you can reach out to your audience and make more of a personal connection for a fraction of the price.

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Why Creating Strategies Ahead Of Time Can Benefit You

Creating email marketing strategies are necessary to effectively push your content to your user base. That’s where TotalWeb SEO steps in. When we create email marketing strategies we focus on bringing relevant content to your user base. With daily, weekly, and/or monthly emails you create a strong bond between you, your readers, and your clients. When you set a schedule ahead of time, you can efficiently provide new content for both your readers and customers to read. 

Benefits To Having A Newsletter Campaign

Having a newsletter campaign can benefit you and your company greatly. Some of the benefits are:

  • For eCommerce websites having a newsletter campaign that frequently sends out newsletters can be used to promote sales, new products, and benefits for returning customers. 
  • Cheaper than direct mail
  • Gives you the ability to reach your client base instantly
  • Can influence recurring business
  • Can help your business obtain new business