Blog & Content Generation

The Benefits of Having A Blog

Blogging and content marketing is a new concept that is becoming an increasingly effective marketing strategy.  By providing website visitors with interesting and resourceful content about your specific industry or company,  you can increase your overall traffic while yielding more leads.  Instead, landing pages designed to make a sales pitch, content generation focuses on providing an industry resource for amateurs and experts alike to benefit from your company’s opinions.


But how does it work exactly?

At Total Web SEO, we focus on what visitors can benefit from visiting your website to indirectly establish your brand. We use a myriad of different forms of interesting content including (but not limited to) infographics, DIY tutorials, opinion articles, motion graphics, and social media posts. By linking these types of assets to your company’s name, we aim to create as many traffic sources as possible both inside your website and outside.

How Can Content Generation Be So Powerful?

Instead of traditional Search Engine Optimization which focuses on the technical improvement of your website in search engines, content generation is a service that builds your web presence from many different angles. It can be a powerful tool to persuade your audience that you are trustworthy and knowledgeable in your field of expertise.  Content generation can spread your brand on places of the internet that would have never been seen otherwise, with a long lasting effect.

After your web content is published on your website, it is a resource that can be used forever. That is where the magic and beauty lies in content marketing.  To outreach to more clients, you only need more exposure and links back to your posts. Our dedicated team of content marketing specialists ensure we constantly are finding new directories and ways for visitors to find the valuable information nestled in your site, attracting new business leads and prospects.  We find content marketing costs have a much higher value than traditional forms of SEO due to their longevity.

Don’t forget, with longevity comes prosperity! Search engines view highly trafficked blog and social media posts as a powerful ranking signal in Search Engine Authority. On top of that, with every new website that links back to your posts, you benefit in the form of backlinks (read more about backlinks and how they benefit you here)

What Total Web SEO Can Do For You!

Professional Photography

Beautiful, high definition, custom photography for your website. Our professional photography is used to better attract users and allow for more customized content.


Scheduling your content is important when efficiently posting content to social media, blogs, and more. When scheduling is done right it allows for better, more powerful ranking signals in Search Engine Authority.

More Traffic

More traffic is always a good thing. At Total Web SEO we focus on targeting your audience with creative and efficient copywriting, eye-catching imagery, and call to actions to keep your clients engaged

Better Leads

Getting leads is the lifeblood of your business. Capturing interest in your products or services through digital channels is always updating and changing. At Total Web SEO we’re always evolving, learning new ways to get your business better leads, and efficiently getting your brand out into the world.

What Does Total Web SEO's Blog & Content Generation Package Include?

Our diverse content marketing plan includes content in many different forms, just like the internet itself. We believe we must explore all avenues possible to improve your web presence, so we have put together an all-star marketing team up to any task. Our experienced, professional team members include:

  • Graphic & Infographic Designers
  • Copywriting Experts
  • Content Strategists
  • Social Media Marketers
  • Website Outreach Specialists
  • Search Engine Optimization Gurus
  • Professional Photography
  • Authority Blogger