Social Media Marketing

How Can Social Media Marketing Drive SEO?

social media marketing

Expanding The Reach Of Your Brand

14 Million people use Facebook each day, imagine how much publicity and clients your business could get just by being on Facebook?  In today’s online atmosphere, it’s vital for brands to be represented across all appropriate platforms. Social media marketing is an incredibly powerful tool to draw relevant traffic to your website.  Here at Total Web SEO, we can help you effectively utilize social media to share information with your audience they would otherwise be unable to see and expand the reach of your brand.  There are many other factors that help improve a website’s SEO, but driving pertinent traffic to optimized pages will help your site climb much faster in the search engine rankings. Running an effective social media marketing campaign for your business is a necessity in this day in age, it also requires extensive planning. These plans include scheduling post updates, effectively explaining your message, and much more.  Total SEO will assist with all social media campaign planning and would be your guide to expanding your business’s prominence on social media.

We’ll Manage Your Social Media Accounts!Total Web SEO Bristol PA Social Media Marketing Agency

Total SEO assists in managing and posting on social media accounts so that you can focus on what you know best, expanding your brand! It’s not always easy to establish a strong presence on social media, especially when you are trying to manage multiple accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.). Our team of experienced professionals will effectively interact with relevant pages and target potential engagement to help your pages grow!  We will work with you to help plan out effective posts for upcoming events, specials, sales, and more that interest your audience!

Social Media Marketing: Building Relationships With Your Audience

An incredibly valuable outcome of social media marketing are the real relationships you can form and build with your audience.  Having personal interactions with your followers can offer you insight into who they are, which can help you effectively adjust your marketing strategy.  

Building these relationships can offer a bit more insight into what the consumers are looking for. Helping answer questions like: What products are they buying and why? How do people interested in your brand spend time? What are common mutual interests of your audience? And speaking with your following is only one “@” tag away!

When someone is scrolling down their Facebook or Instagram feed, they most likely aren’t viewing it as a marketing platform. This means that your audience is more receptive to what you have to say as a brand, which can be more powerful than just seeing what you have to offer.