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Are you having trouble appearing on Google & other search engines, and you’re not sure exactly why?

Leave it to Total Web SEO, a full-stack SEO agency, to conduct an SEO audit and create an actionable strategy to help you maximize your visibility online. Total Web SEO’s audit process includes:

  • A full PDF report — on-site analysis to assess your company’s websites strengths and weaknesses using a variety of tracking tools including Google Analytics, Moz ranking factors, Alexa ranking factors, and more.
  • Identifying both the on-page and off-page factors affecting search positions.
  • Social media & web buzz tracking to sense how strong your brand awareness is to create a game plan going forward with your marketing.

About Our SEO Audit Service

Total Web SEO Philadelphia Free SEO Website AuditOur SEO audit process begins with a team of dedicated SEO experts ready to assess what action is needed to best optimize your website for search engines. Based on our findings, we offer recommendations for improving your website to boost various search ranking factors used by the leading search engines. These recommendations may include, but are not limited to, duplicate content, broken links (404), toxic back links, missing title tags, duplicate meta descriptions, keyword optimizing, HTML validation, mobile friendliness, website loading times, and more. All information is able to be viewed as part of our custom tailored comprehensive PDF reports.

These are just some of the factors listed of the many elements TotalSEO will address during the SEO audit process. Each of the factors included in our reports have a substantial effect on your search engine rankings. Our full SEO audit will show us exactly where you can improve so you can start ranking better in search engines. Are you confident your business’s website is performing well?

The SEO audit process can take up to one week for us to full analyze and breakdown the core components of your website that are driving traffic to your site. Afterwards, we send you a full SEO PDF report explain the finer details over the phone or in person at our office in Bucks County, PA.

What We Can Do For You

We focus on bringing out the best in you and your website. We do this by modernizing your website, and using the best SEO practices to bring your website to the forefront of the internet. When it comes to bringing out the best in your website we focus on what will allow for your website to dominate the front page all major search engines. We do this through both beginner and more advanced SEO tactics.

How Long Term Updates Can Benefit Your Website

While doing small SEO updates and fixes are a big part of growing your website there are also many long term SEO goals you should meet to increase the longevity of both your brand and your website. At Total SEO we focus on both and are constantly evolving to always bring the best SEO practices to your website. Some of these long term SEO methods we perform are:

  1. Sitemap submissions to major search engines
  2. Robots.txt submissions and modified to benefit your website
  3. Constantly improving page speed throughout your website
  4. Optimizing both your website titles and descriptions to attract users to your website
  5. In-depth keyword research
  6. Efficient backlink submissions
  7. Social media & monthly / weekly / daily blog posting
  8. and much more

How Small Updates Can Benefit Your Website

Small updates to your website can benefit you and your website tremendously. Some quick fixes we can do for you are:

  1. Adding alt text to your images
  2. Adding relevant headings to your website
  3. Make your website easy to share on the every changing social media world
  4. Optimizing title tags throughout your website
  5. Adding meta tags to your website
  6. External links to sites that matter
  7. Updated blog posting
  8. Finding target keywords that are relevant to your business
  9. Improve your website page speed

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