Website Copywriting

Website Copywriting

How it can benefit you and your business

At Totalweb SEO we offer our website copywriting services to everyone. This service is tailored to you and your business so that when your future clientele is searching for you, you get found correctly and efficiently.

Creating a well-functioning website with good images and colorful, easy-to-navigate pages that keep the customers attracted is one thing, but creating content that will keep the customers interested is another.  At Totalweb SEO we focus on content and design.

The Importance of Content

When you get a website designed that fully represents the look of your brand it’s also important the content of the website reflects the same message. Having quality content that is easy-to-read, clear, concise, user-friendly, and describes your services or content efficiently is what is needed to have a successful website. If you’re lacking copy that is understandable and relevant to your business then you have come to the right place.

Total Web SEO copywriting services are here to help you convey your business’s services to the world. We sit down with you and go over detailed questions so we can successfully describe any and all of your business’s goals, ambitions, and services!

The Benefits of Total Web SEO Copywriting

When we write content for a business we have to follow a specific set of guidelines to make sure we understand and can efficiently tailor your content to your website

  • Review existing materials such as your current website, brochures, and additional pieces of marketing materials provided.
  • We interview the experts in the industry, you! We do this to get the facts about your products and services.
  • Representing your business correctly  – writing text for your website consists of finding the facts, writing about them, and efficiently representing your company in the best ways possible while keeping your brand’s message consistent.
  • Search Engine Optimization – writing the web content with target keywords and phrases that are regularly searched and found by users looking for your services.
  • Emphasizes the “Call-to-Action” so that users know exactly what to do next if they are ready to proceed with a sales inquiry and purchase. This helps with driving in business efficiently.