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Our SEO audit process begins with a team of dedicated SEO experts ready to assess what action is needed to best optimize your website for search engines.

SEO is the simple process of ensuring a website can be found in all major search engines for keywords and search phrases relevant to the content of the website.

Our SEO services also span to e-Commerce sites. Online stores need traffic to drive sales. If you start selling online, you want to be sure that you are directing the right type of customers to your site.

A large part of our SEO services is submitting your website to search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo can greatly increase both your website and social media reputation and traffic.

Google Adwords is one of the most efficient ways to bring traffic to your website. By focusing on specific keywords and finding the best audience for what you’re trying to sell or promote, we can bring your website up to speed on the largest search engines to date.

Social media can be a useful tool in drawing traffic to your website.  You can use social media to share information with your audience and expand the reach of your brand. Driving traffic to pages will help your site climb much faster in the search engine rankings.  

Reputation management and review management are very important when trying to promote your company through social media and search engines. Keeping your customers happy is what brings recurring and allows for new business to flourish.

Conversion rate optimization provides a significant opportunity for businesses of any size. This process takes a scientific approach to optimizing websites and convert more visitors into subscribers or customers after looking over user feedback and analytics data.

Link building is the process of using hyperlinks from other websites to your website. A hyperlink is a way for users to navigate between pages on the internet. Search engines use these links to crawl through both your website and all other websites on the internet.

Email marketing is inexpensive, easy, and incredibly effective. You can reach a large number of people without spending money on physical materials. Designing, printing, packaging, and mailing out a direct mail campaign could cost you thousands of dollars to produce and send.

Blog content generation is the process of developing content that your visitors will want to read. Finding the right keywords and applying the keywords of your choice to titles, body paragraphs and image alt tags is a necessary task when trying to draw in as many users as possible.

Monthly customized traffic reports are used to show you where your traffic is coming from. From the ranking position on all search engines to social network activity, the custom tracking reports show clients all of the information they need to stay in the loop.

Total Web Company’s professional web design services are the gateway to growing your business online. Having a website that is easy to navigate, SEO friendly, keyword friendly, and professionally designed and produced is one of the many requirements that search engines need to rank your website on the front page.

Website Copywriting is the process of writing content for your website that focuses on your company’s services and keywords. This process is used to inform users on the internet viewing your website can see exactly what you provide in clear, decisive text that explains everything about your business.

Website hosting is an essential part of promoting your website on the internet. It’s vital to have a hosting provider that can withstand all of the traffic to your website without increased loading times. Hosting’s affect on SEO value on a website is dependent on the downtime of the server and the frequency of that downtime.