Pay Per Click Marketing (Google Adwords)

What is Pay Per Click Marketing?

Imagine being able to put your ad in front of a shopper as soon as they make a Google Search.

In a nutshell, that’s what Pay Per Click Marketing & Google Adwords can do for you!  Google AdWords is an advertising network created by Google for businesses wanting to display ads on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). The AdWords network allows business owners to set a budget for advertising each month based on a Cost-Per-Click bidding system. Businesses that utilize AdWords to its fullest potential can create ads using keywords relevant to their products or services.

AdWords is currently the internet’s leading provider of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Through the Google search and content networks, AdWords ads reach as much as 80 percent of all Internet users globally. You pay only when someone clicks on an ad. Best of all, your ads could appear alongside/above organic search results on and could appear on other sites in the Google Network.

Google’s AdWords network is intricately designed to be cost-effective and maximize relevance to target the exact areas your campaign is trying to successfully reach.

Why Having A Team Of Pay Per Click Experts Is Important

When you choose to use Google AdWords you want to make sure your money is well-managed and dedicated to the correct areas to better your business. That’s where Total Web SEO is able to help. Our staff is trained in helping you increase sales and better your business through the use of AdWords and promotion to your own website. Pushing your content to better your client base and business is what we strive to do.

Most web companies don’t stay on top of your success. Total Web SEO does. We focus on building your brand, enhancing your client base, and bringing the best out of your products and services through the use of AdWords and other promotion services. No matter what field your business is in there is always another company who is trying to get more traffic through the use of AdWords and other promotional based services.

Let Total Web SEO Help

MILLIONS of businesses across the world are using AdWords for leads, brand promotion, promoting products and much more.
Everyday AdWords helps their businesses grow. If you’re not in it, you’re missing out!

  •  Pushing your website to the front of the world’s most popular search engines
  •  Maximizing your Pay Per Click budget for efficiency and accuracy
  •  Helping your business reach your audience
  •  Turning visitors into loyal clients and adding to your existing client base
  •  and much more!

Why Your Company Should Be Using Google Adwords

1. Get Your Site On The Top of SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages)


2. Your Competitors Are Using Adwords


3. Adwords Converts Sales Better Than Organic Traffic


4. Faster Results than SEO (Instant!)


5. Adwords Is Measurable & Flexible


6. Target Ads Locally


7. Stronger Mobile Presence