eBronze SEO Package

Total Web SEO

eBronze SEO Plan

Our eBronze Plan is focused on building eCommerce businesses that are looking to make an impact on local search visibility. We strongly recommend this plan for businesses who haven’t been actively maintained recently to gauge their presence on the web, determining which additional services will suit you best in the future. We structure your website following all of Search Engine Guidelines such as keyword optimization, on-site SEO, schema markup, creating monthly product landing pages and more. For the first few months of our eBronze SEO plan, we dedicate ourselves to aggressively tweak your website through A/B testing to funnel guest sessions into call-to-actions on lead generating pages and seeing what products are selling more frequently than others. We use simple concepts like Newsletter Signup Forms, Quote/Estimate Forms, and Contact Forms in combination with sales funnel techniques to turn Visitors into Customers.

In addition, we create “landing pages” that are not linked to your website’s navigation bar. These pages attract customers through specialized keywords that target your area, counties, target audience, and specific services that you are looking to expand in your business.

Promotion & Maintenance10 hrs20 hrs20 hrs + AdWord Campaign Management
Backlinks Network Expansion 70+ Applicable Paid Directories 70+ Applicable Paid Directories 70+ Applicable Paid Directories
Pay-Per-Click ManagementXX
Ad GroupsXX 3 Ad Groups; 15 Ads per group; 45 Total (where applicable)
Ad Group Landing PagesXX 1 Landing Page per group; 3 Total (at launch of PPC campaign)
Conversion Tracking for AdWords Landing PagesXX
Technical Support and Employee Training
Competitor Analysis
PageSpeed Optimization
Conversion Rate Optimization
SSL Certificate
Keyword Optimization 25 Keywords 25 Keywords 25 Keywords
Social Media Feeds
Product Photo Optimization
Keyword Friendly URL Structure
On-Site SEO Optimization
Internal Linking
1 Page Checkout
Rich Text Schema Markup
Search Engine Submissions
Email Marketing
Required & Enhanced Policy Pages
Monthly Landing Pages 1 Landing PageLanding PageLanding Pages
A/B Testing
Google Trusted StoreX
Social Media Account Content GenerationX 2 Accounts 2 Accounts
Promoting Online ReviewsX
Advanced Email MarketingX
Coupon Code GenerationX
Blog & Content GenerationX
Reputation ManagementX
Blog & Content GenerationX


  • Technical Support and Employee Training: Teaching you how to use your eCommerce cart in every detail.
  • PageSpeed Optimization: Optimizing your website pages so they are accessible quickly and efficiently. This is important when it comes to attracting users to your website and when ranking higher on major search engines.
  • SSL Certificate: Installing a security certificate that secures orders being processed through the website.
  • Product Photo Optimization: Optimizing your product photos is always necessary. This is used to slim down the loading times on your eCommerce cart.
  • Monthly Landing Pages: Monthly product landing pages are useful when trying to promote a specific product or special that your store has going on.
  • Required & Enhanced Policy Pages: In today’s day in age you need to have accurate, simple to understand, and informative policy pages to let your customers know what policies your company follows. This is mandatory in the eCommerce industry to ensure that you and your company are safe in any event.