eGold SEO Package

Total Web SEO

eGold SEO Plan

Pay-per-click (PPC) sometimes referred to as paid search advertising or search marketing, is a practice of online advertising, whereby sponsored links are purchased on search engine results pages (SERP), websites, content sites or blogs. Advertise with Google AdWords ads in the Sponsored Links section next to search results to boost website traffic and increase sales. If you want to reach new customers online, then advertising with our Gold PPC Plan might be right for you.

Total Web SEO eGold SEO Package

Promotion & Maintenance10 hrs20 hrs20 hrs + AdWord Campaign Management
Backlinks Network Expansion 70+ Applicable Paid Directories 70+ Applicable Paid Directories 70+ Applicable Paid Directories
Pay-Per-Click ManagementXX
Ad GroupsXX 3 Ad Groups; 15 Ads per group; 45 Total (where applicable)
Ad Group Landing PagesXX 1 Landing Page per group; 3 Total (at launch of PPC campaign)
Conversion Tracking for AdWords Landing PagesXX
Technical Support and Employee Training
Competitor Analysis
PageSpeed Optimization
Conversion Rate Optimization
SSL Certificate
Keyword Optimization 25 Keywords 25 Keywords 25 Keywords
Social Media Feeds
Product Photo Optimization
Keyword Friendly URL Structure
On-Site SEO Optimization
Internal Linking
1 Page Checkout
Rich Text Schema Markup
Search Engine Submissions
Email Marketing
Required & Enhanced Policy Pages
Monthly Landing Pages 1 Landing Page 1 Landing Page 2 Landing Pages
A/B Testing
Google Trusted StoreX
Social Media Account Content GenerationX 2 Accounts 2 Accounts
Promoting Online ReviewsX
Advanced Email MarketingX
Coupon Code GenerationX
Blog & Content GenerationX
Reputation ManagementX
Blog & Content GenerationX


Includes ALL eBronze & eSilver SEO Plan Features

  • 20 hours of website maintenance and promotion – Includes Adword campaign management
  • Pay-Per-Click Management – Using google AdWords, Bing Ads, and Facebook Ads/Post Boosting (up to $1,000 total ad spend)
  • Target Different Services and products with your Ads with up to 3 Ad Groups  – By creating AdGroups, we diversify your ads to target all of your services and products respectfully. There are 5 ads per group generally. We use this as a rule of thumb through our experiences in success with this method. Read more to see how our AdGroups mate effectively with landing pages.
  • 3 Landing Pages For Your Website – We create one landing page for each of our Ad Groups on your website that specialize in creating a sales funnel to convert clicks into leads. These pages also gain organic search value, so it acts as a dual-pronged attack to market your business. These landing pages specialize in whichever service that pertains to your Ad Group. We utilize funnel techniques such as call-to-actions, contact forms, quote forms, and direct call-to-action buttons on mobile to engage your audience into getting in touch with you.
  • Client Log-in, Budget Reports, & Impression VS. Click VS. Conversion Reports – Keep tabs on the effectiveness of your Google Adwords campaign with complete transparency. Your company will receive a Google Adwords login as well as reports to ensure your campaign is working for you as intended. Monitor the success of your campaign and make suggestions to us based on how you feel your ads should represent your business. Analyze your budget and evaluate your business needs to either dial back or expand your AdWords campaign based on the merit of your success.