eSilver SEO Package

Total Web SEO

eSilver SEO Plan

Total Web SEO has come to realize the importance of online backlinks, reputation management, and your presence on the web OUTSIDE of search engines and your website. We’ve stepped up to our SEO Agency Competition to create more affordable digital marketing services that go above and beyond standard Search Engine Optimization strategies. Through in-house testing, we’ve been able to determine effective strategies that work to push your brand to the top on the internet.

Through the power of Social Media, Online Reviews, and Backlink Network expansion, we’ve strategized the most effective ways to achieve success on the internet.

Promotion & Maintenance10 hrs20 hrs20 hrs + AdWord Campaign Management
Backlinks Network Expansion 70+ Applicable Paid Directories 70+ Applicable Paid Directories 70+ Applicable Paid Directories
Pay-Per-Click ManagementXX
Ad GroupsXX 3 Ad Groups; 15 Ads per group; 45 Total (where applicable)
Ad Group Landing PagesXX 1 Landing Page per group; 3 Total (at launch of PPC campaign)
Conversion Tracking for AdWords Landing PagesXX
Technical Support and Employee Training
Competitor Analysis
PageSpeed Optimization
Conversion Rate Optimization
SSL Certificate
Keyword Optimization 25 Keywords 25 Keywords 25 Keywords
Social Media Feeds
Product Photo Optimization
Keyword Friendly URL Structure
On-Site SEO Optimization
Internal Linking
1 Page Checkout
Rich Text Schema Markup
Search Engine Submissions
Email Marketing
Required & Enhanced Policy Pages
Monthly Landing Pages 1 Landing PageLanding PageLanding Pages
A/B Testing
Google Trusted StoreX
Social Media Account Content GenerationX 2 Accounts 2 Accounts
Promoting Online ReviewsX
Advanced Email MarketingX
Coupon Code GenerationX
Blog & Content GenerationX
Reputation ManagementX
Blog & Content GenerationX


Includes ALL eBronze SEO Plan Features

  • 20 Hours of Total SEO on-site Maintenance – Updating and maintaining your website is one of the most important things when it comes to building a successful eCommerce website. We focus on pushing social media campaigns, promoting online reviews, email marketing, and much more to your client base.
  • Advanced Email Marketing – This process focuses on email alerts to your client base about weekly specials, events, company surveys, reviews, and much more!
  • Coupon Code Generation – Perfect for when you’re wanting to promote a specific product or products with an enticing coupon code offer.
  • Reputation Management – Get email alerts when negative reviews that hurt your company’s reputation. Keep these negative reviews on LOCKDOWN for 7 business days that prevent the negative reviews from being posted. With your help, we alert you and ask for your suggestions before responding to a negative review. Nip bad reputation in the bud and prevent potential customers from seeing a bad review without a proper response