Innovative Ways Small Businesses Can Improve Social Media Presence

Innovative Ways Small Businesses Can Improve Social Media Presence

Tips to Building Better Social Media Presence (Small Businesses)

Total Web SEO Small Business Improve Social Media Presence

Great website design, online reviews & brand reputation and social media presence all go together to help your company reach new audiences, engage with customers and drive sales. Even small, locally owned businesses need to invest time, resources and a little money into their social media account(s). If your current social media strategy is lacking, it’s not too late! The benefits of investing into social media will be worth your time & efforts. Total Web SEO is here to provide the best tips and easy ideas for small businesses to improve their social media presence.

10 Easy Ideas to Improve Social Media Presence for your Local Business

Select the Right Platforms: There are thousands of social media platforms, but not every one will help you obtain your goals. We suggest selecting 2 or 3 of the most popular that fit with your audience. For example, contractors may want to stick with Facebook & Instagram, while an up-and-coming skincare line could do great on TikTok & Snapchat.

Come up with Goals & Obtainable Strategy: Active social media accounts can help you obtain many goals from expanding your audience to increasing website traffic, drive sales & more. Make sure your social media strategy is in line with your goals.

Make a Content Creation Plan: The worst thing you can do is have an account with little to no activity for long stretches at a time. This often happens when business owners simply don’t know what to post & run out of ideas. Outline a content creation plan that you’re constantly adding to, so your accounts never go inactive (just make sure the content is in line with your brand voice).

Use Scheduling Tools to Stay Consistent: You don’t have to spend hours a day on your accounts for them to stay active. Take advantage of automation tools, which will post your content on the days & times you schedule. Once a week you can take a little time to create several posts & add them to your automation tool.

Engage with Your Audience: It is not enough to just post great content and leave your account alone until the next post. Clients expect you to reply to their comments, “like” their comments and connect with your audience.

Maintain a Consistent Brand Voice: Every post, imagine, video, user-generated content, shared articles/memes, polls, etc. must be in line with your brand voice. If multiple people are posting on your brand’s behalf, make sure they all understand the voice & image you want to portray.

Leverage Hashtags: Hashtags are a goldmine for small businesses to target location, audience and products. Find trending, relatable hashtags and use them sparingly in your posts. You can also interact with other brands and customers that are engaging with those hashtags.

Use Strong Visuals: In a saturated market, make sure your brand stands out by using high-quality, engaging images and videos. Users respond 650% higher to posts with photos than plain-text alone. Take advantage of free template tools, copyright free photos & your own phone!

Take Advantage of Social Media Features: Every platform has a range of “extra” features outside of just sharing content & posts. Take advantage of polls, 24-hour stories, reels, shoppable posts, etc.

Hire a Digital Marketing Agency: Finally, if this all seems too overwhelming or you don’t have the time or resources to dedicate to your website & social media platforms, hire a digital & social media marketing agency!


Total Web SEO can manage your content, posts, user engagement, comments, etc. to help you meet your marketing goals. Call 215-284-7918 to discuss how our team of SEOers & digital marketers can improve your presence on social media & the SERPs.

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