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SEO & Website Design Services Bucks County PA

SEO website design refers to an agency designing and developing a website that adheres to best search engine optimization practices. Besides a great design, a web development company must consider SEO factors like mobile-friendly, fast load time, photo file names and descriptive URLs. These elements provide a good experience for users, while making it easier for search engines to crawl, index and rank your website in the results. Website design focuses on the visual aspects, while SEO affects how the site is found in SERPs. While they may seem like two separate entities, SEO marketers and website designers must work together to develop the website and execute a company’s digital marketing goals. Total Web SEO, in partnership with our sister company Total Web Company, builds websites for Bucks County PA businesses that are modern, function flawlessly in all platforms and rank high in Google.

Why SEO Matters during Website Design Phase

Web designers and SEO managers perform very different tasks on a new website or redesign project. However, it is essentially they collaborate in all phases to ensure a successful website launch. Together, they have a big impact on the company’s bottom line. SEO matters during the web design phase because it can damage your existing SEO. Without proper planning (301 redirects, lack of SEO copywriting, etc.), companies that launch a new site or rebrand under a new domain can see their SEO progress disappear overnight. Further, SEO will influence your web design plan. SEO factors like page speed optimization, sitemap organization and URL structure influence how you will design your site.

Factors to Optimize Web Design for Search Engines

Web designers and SEO marketers should collaborate from the very beginning stages of the process. The designer will be able to create site navigation that lends to SEO and the SEOer will implement important factors from the start. A web design and SEO agency must apply the following features to optimize for effective website launch:

  1. Code
  2. Mobile Friendliness
  3. Readability
  4. Image File Name
  5. Image File Size
  6. Image ALT Tags
  7. Navigation
  8. URL Structure

If you’re not happy with your current results in the search engine, your website design may be the reason for low or no rankings. Call Total Web SEO at 215-284-7918 for a no obligation website design & SEO audit for your Bucks County PA business. Our team of SEO specialists, content writers and website designers can take your business to the next level online.