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In the simplest terms, SEO website design refers to designing and developing SEO-friendly websites. To do this, a web design agency must follow SEO best practices like mobile-friendly, fast load times and descriptive URLs. These factors not only aim to provide a good experience for the users but makes it easier for search engines to rank the website in the search results. Website design focuses on the visual aspects, while SEO affects how the site is found. Although they seem like two separate entities, SEO and website design must work together and are equally important for a company’s digital marketing goals and brand awareness. Total Web SEO and our partner agency Total Web Company partner to build websites that are modern, function flawlessly and rank high in the search engines.

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Why is SEO Website Design Important?

Website developers and SEO managers perform very different tasks on a project; they must collaborate every step of the project to ensure a successful website launch. Together they have a tremendous impact on a company’s bottom line. Two reasons SEO matters in web design include:

  • Web Design can Damage your Existing SEO: Companies that launch a brand-new site or rebrand under a new domain name often see their SEO progress disappear overnight! Contributing factors include forgetting to set up 301 redirects, not investing in SEO copywriting, neglecting to inform Google of your relocated pages, forgetting to notify your backlinks of your new pages and more.

  • SEO can Influence your Web Design: SEO factors like page speed optimization, site organization and URL structure directly influence how you want to design your website. If you skip SEO best practices, you’ll struggle to rank high in the SERPs.

Factors to Optimize for Web Design and SEO

Code: Web designers have limited options for the codes used to render major design elements. HTML and CSS are the most used, for good reason. Sites that use Flash are extremely difficult to optimize.

Mobile Friendliness: Google now factors mobile friendliness as a ranking factor. Your website must be accessible on all devices and browsers. Further, we don’t recommend having a separate mobile site which opens the potential for duplicate content.

Readability: While our designers primarily focus on non-text elements of a website, the fonts and sizes are important for your visitors to easily read the text. Further, a large part of our SEO manager’s job is to write lots of informative, optimized content to rank well. The designers must make sure they leave plenty of space for copy without it looking like text was just dropped onto the page.

File Names: Search engines cannot “see” images on a website. Therefore, they need descriptive, logical file times to put them into context.

ALT Tags: In addition to photo file names, ALT tags are descriptions that help search engines “see” the photos on your website. Further, they help those who are visually impaired understand what is being shown.

File Size: Large, high-quality photos are visually appealing, but they can be detrimental to your website speed. You can still achieve great imagery by using smaller photos that don’t bog down the site.

Navigation: This is one of the most important factors for great user experience. The menus and sitemap should be well thought out and perfectly executed. This ensures your users find what they need, resulting in higher conversions, lower bounce rate and improved rankings,

URL Structure: Every page of the website must have descriptive URLs relating to the content on the page. Words should be divided by hyphens and include relevant keywords.

If you’re not happy with your current search results in Google, call Total Web SEO at 215-284-7918 for a no obligation SEO audit of your website. Our team of SEO specialists, website designers and digital marketers can take your online business to the next level.