In-depth Guide on How Social Media Impacts SEO Rankings

In-depth Guide on How Social Media Impacts SEO Rankings

How Social Media can Improve Website SEO Results

Total Web SEO How Social Media Impacts SEO RankingsFor many years there has been an ongoing debate about how social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok) impacts the SEO results of websites. After much research, analysis and case studies, SEO & digital marketing experts have determined that social media isn’t a ranking factor and won’t directly help your results. However, the benefits of good social media posts and a large following can feed into SEO. If you’re looking to improve your rankings in the SERPs, Total Web SEO highlights 5 benefits of Social Media for SEO.

Benefits of Social Media for Website SEO

Drives Traffic: Sharing your content through various social media channels provides more visibility. Since traffic is considered one of the major ranking factors, it is very beneficial for people to share your content within their network and drive traffic to your website.

Social Profiles Rank in SERPs: Your social profiles rank in the search engine results. This gives your brand the opportunity to increase your visibility and drive more traffic by creating (and optimizing) multiple profiles.

Expands Content Reach: On search engines, your content is only discovered when people are searching for relevant keywords/keyword phrases. However, through social media, you can reach hundreds of thousands of people who didn’t realize they needed your content! Since Google uses traffic as a ranking factor, better content reach turns into high quality traffic which positively affects rankings.

Local SEO: NAP (name, address and phone number) of your business plays an important role in local rankings. Directory listing submissions are the most common way to ensure your NAP is consistent across the web, but social media plays a big part as well. Further, some social media platforms allow you to geo-tag stories and posts and users can perform a search for content that’s geotagged in a specific area.

Gain Backlinks: Backlinks are one of the main contributing factors of SEO. Since content can spread very quickly on social media it is a great place to share content, get noticed and start gaining very valuable backlinks.

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