The Importance Of SSL Certificates

Total Web SEO Importance of Enabling SSL

The Importance Of SSL Certificates

Total Web SEO’s Guide to the Importance of SSL Certifications

What is an SSL Certificate?

SSL stands for “secure sockets layer” and is a form of security for websites that handle sensitive information ranging from names to phone numbers, email addresses, credit card numbers and more. To put it simply, an SSL Certificate is a piece of code placed on your website that ensures a secure connection between a front-end users’ web browser and the server of your website. This piece of code guarantees sensitive information stays private and secure. It is essential for all websites to enable an SSL certificate on their website, while it may be a bit costly, the benefits surly outweigh the risks of not having SSL enabled. To learn why you should have SSL enabled and the benefits it will provide your website, read Total Web SEO’s Guide to the Importance of SSL Certificates.

What is the Importance of SSL Certificates on my website?

First and foremost, the importance of SSL certificates is to provide a trusting relationship between your brand and your front-end users. Between phishing, cyber hacking and spam, it is imperative that front end users feel comfortable when they come on your website and are confident their information will not be hacked or sold.

Besides building trust, SSL will benefit your website in the following ways:

  1. Google favors websites with SSL enabled: While it is not the first and foremost factor Google looks at when considering rank, they do take it into consideration and will rank SSL enabled sites slightly higher than those that are not.
  2. SSL is required for accepting payments: If you are an E-commerce website, you must have SSL enabled to accept payments via credit card or PayPal directly through your cart.
  3. Provides Brand Power: Websites with SSL enabled shows consumers you care about their information and that you are a trusted brand.

I don’t sell product on my site, why should I have SSL?

While it may only seem beneficial for e-commerce sites to have SSL enabled, it is actually very important for every website to have this feature. SSL provides privacy, critical security and data integrity for your website and users’ personal information. While front end users may not have the option to purchase through your website, you still want to look like a credible brand that cares about your consumers’ information.


Furthermore, if you want your clients to sign up for your newsletter or email blasts, SSL certificate is vital. Again, the SSL will ensure their email address, name, phone number, etc. pass through the servers securely.


Front end users have become savvy to the nuances of internet marketing and they understand what the green bar and lock icons on a browser means. 9/10 times, if your website does not have an SSL certification, front end users will not trust your site and certainly won’t input their credit card number and risk their information getting stolen. When customers do not see signs of security on a website, they are more likely to exit without entering any information. As you can see from the above examples, the importance of SSL Certificates spans across all websites. Do not lose out on revenue or leads because your site is not secure; invest in your website and your brand.

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