Key Elements of Good On-Page SEO

Key Elements of Good On-Page SEO

Focus on these On-Page SEO Strategies to Rank High in SERPs

Total Web SEO Bristol PA Key Elements of Good On-Page SEOMany on and off-site elements affect how well your website will rank in the search engines. It is important to establish a brand, identity and the keywords you want to rank for before starting a website design. This allows you to make good on-page SEO efforts from the very beginning! Total Web SEO in Bristol, PA provides 6 key elements of good on page SEO to assist you in growing your website organically.

6 Critical On-Page SEO Elements for High Rankings

Target Keywords: Selecting the right keywords are vital to your SEO efforts. Before you start writing the copy for the website the keywords should be selected and assigned to each page. Keywords must be researched carefully and relevant to your business and target audience.

Internal Links: Linking to relevant content on your website is essential for both the search engines and front-end users. It helps your viewers find other blogs and pages easily, but it also helps the crawlers navigate through your site. The longer Google’s spiders stay on your site, the more of your content gets indexed and the better you can rank.

Image Names & ALT Tags: Having quality photos on your website is important for visualization, but the search engines also index these and are key for on-page SEO. The photo file names and ALT tags should be relevant to the page and keyword you’re targeting. Further, the images and videos should not be too large as that can slow down your load speed.

Page Speed: In recent years, Google has been putting great emphasis on website page speed. Slow loading landing pages and website will not rank as high in the SERPs, Google has made this clear.

Meta Titles/Descriptions: The meta title and descriptions appear on the search result pages and give crawlers and readers a preview of what the page will be about. Since you have limited room, they must be clear, concise and include the keyword you want this page to rank for.

Content: The content (copy/wording) is the single most important element of on-page SEO for your website. If your site is lacking in strong, keyword-rich, relevant content, the search engines and visitors will not find your site authoritative. It should lack spelling and grammatical errors, as well as engage your customers to ultimately make a purchase, answer a question or lead to a call/email signup. 

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