Link Building: How It Boosts Your SEO

Link Building: How It Boosts Your SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the key to getting more clicks and pageviews on your website, which naturally leads to increased customer engagement, and most importantly higher sales. This installment of SEO Tips focuses on one of the best ways to improve your SEO — link building. Quality link building is the process of gaining “backlinks” to your website from an outside source, and is one of the hardest SEO strategies to implement. Although the difficulty and time it takes to achieve these backlinks is high, quality link building is one of the most effective methods of boosting your search engine rankings if you can execute it properly.


When it comes to acquiring backlinks, all links are definitely NOT created equal! Getting backlinks from spammy or malicious web domains can be a devastating blow to your search engine rankings. In essence, backlinks from spam sites are Public Enemy #1. However, having your site’s URL on another trustworthy and popular website dramatically boosts your rank on search engines.


While it is good to have a backlink to your website on popular, high-traffic sites, the ideal backlink comes from sites that are popular within your industry. For example: Let’s say you’re a pizza shop owner in Philadelphia. An online article from a local publication about the “best pizza in Philadelphia” that links to your business will make your search rankings skyrocket.


Nowadays, people share almost every aspect of their lives on social media; where they shop, how they feel, their thoughts and experiences when visiting new places, among countless other things. Having a strong and positive presence on social media is insanely important when it comes to heading a small business. When people visit your shop or use your business’s services in this day and age, they expect you to be on social media. While backlinks from social media are treated somewhat differently than other external links to your website, they are still valuable resources to have in your backlink portfolio. Some helpful methods to acquire backlinks from social media sources include:

  • Maintaining a positive online reputation,
  • Creating and maintaining active social media campaigns,
  • Making frequent posts and updates,
  • Being approachable and responsive to reviews.


The moral of the story is, there is really no “cut and dry” way to establish backlinks on other sites. However, cultivating a steady line of communication with your customers and other businesses goes a long way! For more SEO Tips, check our blog regularly! If you own a website, but can’t seem to get yourself visible in the search engines, call Total Web SEO, an SEO Company in Philadelphia for our help!

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