Reasons WordPress is the Best CMS for SEO Managers

Total Web SEO 5 Reasons SEO Managers love Wordpress

Reasons WordPress is the Best CMS for SEO Managers

Why SEO Managers Agree WordPress is the Superior Platform

Total Web SEO 5 Reasons SEO Managers love WordPressFor SEO managers, WordPress has become a God send since its launch in 2003. Not only does the platform offer an easy-to-use CMS, but it is highly compatible with good, on-sight SEO efforts. As an SEO and Internet Marketing Company, we only recommend using WordPress to build, maintain and market a successful website. Total Web SEO, based in Philadelphia, PA, highlights 10 reasons why our SEO managers & experts agree that WordPress is the superior CMS platform.

10 Reasons why SEO Managers love WordPress CMS

Focus on User Experience: Google rewards websites that provide good user experience. Plugins, themes and the customizable page builder allows us to put together professional, user-friendly websites that engage visitors & decrease overall site bounce rate.

Customize Permalinks: Don’t settle for ugly permalinks consisting of “page-id” or numbers and letters that don’t have anything to do with what your page is about. With WordPress you can customize permalinks to generate a little extra SEO boost.

Easy to Use SEO Plugins: WordPress allows you to easily incorporate plugins that help with your SEO. Some of our favorites include Yoast SEO, Google XML Site Maps and Monster Insights (Google Analytics).

Optimize Images for SEO: Not only can you upload images with keyword rich file names, but you can also increase your SEO value by adding Alternative Text for each photo. Alternative Text or an ALT Tag allows you to further name the photo with relevant keywords.

Integrate Social Media: Social media is almost as important as your website for branding and marketing. WordPress allows you to incorporate social share buttons, feed to your Twitter/Facebook/Instagram and more!

Website Speed: Page speed is an important factor for Google when it comes to ranking your website. A simple WordPress website loads very quickly. For larger websites, you can incorporate various plugins to maintain & increase the speed of your website.

Easily Manage Metadata: The Yoast SEO plugin allows you to add, manage and change the meta titles and descriptions in minutes.

Optimized for Mobile Users: If you want to have a successful, relevant website it must be optimized for all platforms (desktop, laptop, tablet), but especially for mobile devices. Luckily, when you use WordPress as your website platform it is auto optimized across all devices!

Integrate Other Software & Tools: Besides SEO-plugins, you can easily integrate software tools like G Suite, Sucuri security protection, email marketing, payment processors and so much more.

Purchase SEO-Friendly Themes: If you don’t have a website design company building you an SEO-optimized website, you can purchase an SEO-friendly theme through WordPress and build it yourself.

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