SEO Fundamentals: The Three Cs of Search Engine Optimization

SEO Fundamentals: The Three Cs of Search Engine Optimization

Understanding the Three Cs of SEO

Total Web SEO Three Cs of Search Engine OptimizationThere are many rules, fundamentals and core aspects for successful search engine optimization (SEO). SEO-savvy professionals can easily speak to one another in a language that can seem foreign to the business owners we work for. Oftentimes, we have to change our approach and present an SEO strategy in an easy-to-understand format. Simply put, the fundamentals and building blocks of SEO can be explained by The 3 Cs: content, code and credibility. In this installment of the Total Web SEO blog, we’ll present these core concepts, break down their exact definition and explain how they’ll help you achieve your SEO and digital marketing goals.

The 3 Cs of SEO: Content, Code & Credibility


It has been shared time and time again that content is king in the world of SEO. If your website lacks keyword-rich HTML text on all key pages and blogs, there is very little chance these pages will achieve high visibility in the search engines.

We’ve heard from clients numerous times, “no one is going to read all that text, I just want the customer to call me.” While this may be true, we’re not ~necessarily~ writing landing pages for the consumer, but for the search engine spiders.  When a spider indexes a web page, it looks for HTML text that can be easily read and understood. Your target phrase and keyword variations must be strategically sprinkled (no keyword stuffing) throughout this text to rank in the top results.


While database-driven content management systems (CMS) and WYSIWYG editors allow web designers to build and design sites with ease, developers must be careful the layout isn’t overloaded and clumsy. Spiders have a hard time understanding Javascript and Flash, so we recommend a less is more approach to website design. This method for designing sites also ensures you have fast load speeds, which improves the experience for visitors.


You can execute the first two Cs of SEO flawlessly, but still not make it past the first 100 search results. This is because you must also gain credibility with the search engines. To do this, you must acquire backlinks from relevant sites that are popular and visible for similar search terms you wish to rank for. Quality over quantity is the best approach for building a credible backlink profile.

Armed with the 3 Cs of SEO, your website is much more likely to increase in rankings, visibility and revenue. To discuss an SEO campaign for your business, call the experts at Total Web SEO today: 215-284-7918.

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