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Businesses of all sizes should now have a good understanding of the importance of SEO (search engine optimization), SEM (search engine marketing) and digital marketing to grow their business. It is well-known that almost all your website traffic will come from a search engine (Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo) and more than half of those users will not bother to search beyond the first page. If your website is not ranking in the top 10, you’re losing a huge percentage of the market to your competitors. Total Web SEO is comprised of a team of SEO specialists who utilize various factors like local SEO, organic SEO, social media marketing, Google PPC and website design to increase brand awareness and drive quality traffic that converts to sales. We have packages available for all budgets and specifically cater to small to medium sized businesses in New Jersey and the greater Philadelphia area. Don’t miss out on leads and revenue, call 215-284-7918 to discuss an SEO plan for your New Jersey business.

SEO, PPC & Social Media Marketing in New Jersey

Free Website Audit: All new clients receive a free, no obligation initial SEO audit to identify areas to improve both on and off your website. A website audit helps us understand where we need to start, the initial steps for setup and next steps for long-term SEO.

Website Copywriting: Many times, it is the website content (or lack thereof) that is one of the main reasons your website is not performing well in the search engines. We will look at your sitemap, create a list of targeted areas and rewrite or add content with SEO, keyword-driven website copy.

Content Creation (landing pages, blogs): Creating new, informative and interesting content should be a major part of any successful SEO campaign. New blogs and landing pages keep your website fresh & up to date, creates more opportunities for keyword rankings and shows Google you’re dedicating to building your website.

Link Building: Gaining new backlinks from other credible websites is a tedious, frustrating task. However, it is well worth it for the pay off in your Google rankings. Our SEO & digital marketers know the best tactics to build up your backlink profile.

Google PPC & SEM: If you’re looking for quicker results than organic SEO, we can create a paid advertising campaign tailored to your business and budget. We’ll ensure your ads are seen by the right audience for the highest conversions.

Website Hosting: All our websites are hosted on a superior cloud server through one of the most trusted companies in the world. Annual hosting includes an SSL certificate with 24/7 backup and support.

Benefits of Hiring an SEO Agency for Advertising

If you’re on the fence between hiring an SEO agency or insourcing your efforts, here are several benefits for hiring an experienced SEO & digital marketing company:
1. Saves time
2. Saves money
3. Take advantage of industry expertise
4. Experience with your business
5. Better efficiency
6. Stay on top of industry trends
7. Gain valuable data & analytics to boost business and conversions
8. Get more sales and revenue

NJ Digital Marketing Agency

Depending on your long term & short-term goals, as well as budget, Total Web SEO will create and apply an effective SEO & digital marketing campaign for your business and website. We’ll implement a variety of strategies to increase organic rankings in the SERPs and drive quality traffic to your site. Total Web SEO serves businesses throughout New Jersey, as well as the surrounding areas of Philadelphia County, PA, as well as Bucks County, Chester County, Montgomery County and nationwide. Call 215-284-7918 to discuss SEO and digital marketing goals with one of our friendly staff members.